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The Risas Way

Phoenix and Denver Dentists: Risas Dental

Our founder, Dr. Nicolas Porter, grew up in a small town in the hills of Arizona. As a young child in a large family, he understood the restrictions of his family’s budget and despite the blessing of responsible and caring parents, he failed to receive important dental care that caused him nagging pain and embarrassment. These experiences have shaped Dr. Nicolas life and his motivations behind the creation of Risas.

Dependable Family Dental Care

Working under influential mentors before, during and after his schooling, he was blessed with examples of charity and giving. Dr. Nicolas built Risas with the purpose of making quality dental care available to everyone and through his innovative business structures and patient-first scheduling and pricing, that dream is now possible.

Learn more about exclusive programs like $100 Braces, Risas Friends and Family and Risas own weekly radio show to see exactly how Risas is turning the dental industry on its head and making quality dental care available to everyone!

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